Community Case Management Services

New Tides, Community Case Management Services (CCM), continuously strives to be a leader with integrity and knowledge in the field in which it serves. New Tides' case managers promote mental and physical health, advocates, work to eliminate discrimination, and commit themselves to building a safe, caring program strengthened by diversity. All people, regardless of ability, disability, race, gender identity, sex, religion, or any other factor deserves the right to live as independently as possible within their communities. Therefore, New Tides' community case managers strives in all areas to assist individuals to achieve the most they can achieve, having success measured by their own personal goals, dreams, and desires. New Tides believes that by adding and offering community case management, this agency can better meet the needs of individuals in the aforementioned population.

If you are interested in talking more about our case management services, please contact Nicole Wheeler at 207-800-6789.